Siporin & Associates, Inc. (SAI) is capable of handling a wide range of needs for their clients. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a life-altering event. It soon becomes obvious that changes have occurred both physically and mentally to those injured. Therefore, it is critical that victims of TBI receive the necessary care needed to overcome these difficult challenges.

We offer:

imageIf someone loses the ability to make an “informed consent”, or the ability to physically participate in activities of daily living (ADLs) they need to seek formal assistance. It often becomes clear that care providers, a family member, friend or agency needs to become a guardian and/or conservator for them. Without much understanding of the responsibilities of these positions, it can be overwhelming for family and friends to handle the day-to-day needs of those they care about. This is where Siporin & Associates, Inc. (SAI) provides Guardianship services.

A conservator protects the estate. When someone’s net worth is over $21,000, involves litigation, operation of a business or includes property, conservatorship should be considered. Conservators gather all assets of the estate. They make decisions about investments and how to best handle and minimize expenses.

Care Management
Care management is the day-to-day coordination of services that families and/or the injured party receive to address needed services. We establish a care team and manage the levels of care for injured persons in a balanced way, taking into account budgets, needs and all care team members.

Expert Witness Services
An expert witness is a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning a specific topic. Steve Siporin is considered an expert regarding guardianship and conservatorship related to auto injuries. He works with law firms to testify in a variety of cases.

Steve Siporin consults, or advises interested parties related to legal, estate or care management issues. He provides his services to a wide range of people including care facilities, family meetings, lawyers, the courts and other care providers.

Education/Public Speaking
Siporin & Associates, Inc. (SAI) offers continuing education for professionals, community organizations, college classes and medical facilities.

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